Hibiscus & Earl Grey Lemonade

Updated: Apr 14

UNTOLD RECIPES: Get inspired by DFT's home recipes during lockdown. East to make at home: the perfect lemonade!

We created many dishes in the past 3 years of street food, mainly fish dishes. Today we'll share some recipe with you from our secret archive. Snacks, mains, traditional dishes, canapes and ideas for your homemade drinks. Enjoy your cooking!

Hibiscus & Earl Grey Lemonade -


2 Lemons

1 Lime 2.5gr Earl Grey 2.5gr Hibiscus Flowers Hierbabuena Ginger Ale (Optional)


1. Pour 75ml hot water in a small food container or a shaker

2. Add Hibiscus, Earl Grey and mint stems

3. Squeeze lemons and lime

4. Add the citrus juice to the herbal infusion

5. Close the food container,shake well (or use a shaker) and strain

6. Fill a glass with ice, pour the mix

7. Top up with ginger ale (Optional) 8. Garnish with mint