Crunchy Salmon Snacks

Updated: Apr 14

UNTOLD RECIPES: Get inspired by DFT's home recipes during lockdown. Easy to make at home; British - Pan Asian fusion snack.

We created many dishes in the past 3 years of street food, mainly fish dishes. Today we'll share some recipe with you from our secret archive. Snacks, mains, traditional dishes, canapes and ideas for your homemade drinks. Enjoy your cooking!

Crunchy Smoked Salmon Snacks


Filo Pastry (Phyllo) Smoked Salmon Soft Cheese Pickled Carrots


1. Spread one sheet of phyllo

2. Add soft cheese (6gr)

3. Add Smoked Salmon (10gr)

4. Add pickled carrots* (6gr)

5. Brush the filo with water

6. Fold

7. Fry at 175C for 2 min or until golden